We are just one crazy family making it day by day!

We are just one crazy family making it day by day.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finding Home Again

Several years ago I felt a tug at my heart to leave a job that I loved but that was "killing" me spiritually. When I left I said I would never direct a child care program again. Well we should never say never. I start week 3 of my new job as a childcare director at a private preschool in Birmingham and I can finally say I am home again. I love getting up the morning and seeing all the smiling faces of the countless kids who come through our door but more so I am blessed to have a great set of bosses(owners) and a super sweet dedicated set of teachers. It's nice coming home again.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mean People Mean Kids

Can someone please tell me why people/kids are mean? I realize sometimes its unintentional but when it goes beyond that it really makes me mad!!!!!! It makes me even madder when my child is the one people/kids are being mean too. She's not perfect by any means but does not deserve for adults and their kids to be ugly. I am really trying not to go off on anyone but it's really starting to make me angrier than I need to be. I have tried to turn the other cheek and say things like "well you don't really have anything in common with..." but when it's so in your face rude it just really gets to me. OVER IT!!!!! I need to just let it go but it's hard when you have a child crying over it. Help??????????

Sunday, June 20, 2010

LIfe after Vacation

Why is it that after a vacation you need another vacation to get over the vacation??? I know it sounds crazy but it's so true. I spent a week at the lake and had a blast and relaxed but now I am stuffy and I think I have a sinus infection. ARG!! I just don't get it. I thought vacations were to recharge not decharge. Any thoughts out there?????? Carleigh spent a few days with the grandparents and of course she had a blast! She is very blessed to have such great grandparents. We spent the week together at the lake and I had so much fun showing Carleigh some things from my childhood, like Queen Anne's Lace turning colors, friendship bracelets and gemp key chains. It was fun but I swear it was not easy. How did we make so many friendship bracelets when we were kids. Go figure we had more time on our hands. Well, that's my rant for now.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My First Attempt

Not really sure why I decided to do this, but here I go. This is my 1st post on this new blog and I hope to add stuff that is of value and just not be rambling on. I am currently working as a Child Development Specialist with a non profit in Birmingham. I get to go around to child care centers and help them improve their classrooms. It's sound all great and fun, but at times it can be very frustrating. Sometimes these directors think that want change but when you go in and start making suggestions they get all huffy. I work with a great group of people though. Chuck has started back to work after being out of work for a year and he loves his new job. He is working with a Korean company in the area and comes home with crazy stories everyday. It's very entertaining. Speaking of entertaining let's chat about the girls!! Chloe is at Alabama and loves her freedom and is ready for the summer to be over so she's back in T-Town and Carleigh, well she's Carleigh. The Drama Queen!!! She went to summer camp for the 1st time this year and LOVED it. She is ready to go back. I don't know why I was surprised, I loved camp, too. She is going to the YMCA this summer while we work. Now, that's been the hard part. I really wish I could be home during the summers! Guess I will have to work on that. Well, that's it for now as crazy things happen with this crazy Allen Gang I will post more. Until then.......Be Sweet!